Boris Belyakov

Full-Stack Dev, Quant, and Data Scientist

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Hi, I’m Boris, the multi-hat-wearing software developer, quantitative researcher, and machine learning engineer. Ever heard the one about the quant who walked into a bar, looking for the alpha but left with just beta? Classic finance humor!

I navigate the tumultuous seas of trading, armed with algorithms, caffeine, and a healthy dose of self-irony. With a genuine passion for uncovering patterns and crafting thoughtful solutions, I find joy in the subtle dance between numbers and narratives.

After all, in the world of finance, if you're not laughing, you're probably shorting volatility!

5+ YOE • Finance, ML/DL/RL, Python, Go, Javascript • DevOps, MLOps, Systems Design. WRITE ARCTICLES about RL for Portfolio Management. A SPEAKER at international conferences.

The best way
to predict the future
is to create it.